Remove characters

Go to the folder where you have the Mugen game and open the Chars folder.

Find the character folder you want to remove and delete it. Make sure you have chosen the correct folder.
Some characters may have similar names or you may have the same character in different versions.
In this example, we’ll delete the named character “Athena_XI”.

Let’s go back to the Mugen main directory, find a folder named “data” and open it.

Inside the data folder, find the file “select.def” and open it with Notepad.
( For Windows XP, Vista, 7: start menu/all programs/accessories/notepad )
( For Windows 8, 10, start menu and write “notepad” inside the search box )

Find the character on the list and delete it. Save the file and run the game.
In this case, we will delete the "Athena_XI" character.

If you did well, the game should run without the character.