Hyper Futa Cherry

Hyper Futa Cherry

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November 27 2023



Aggressor & Rapist

Character info


Missionary, D,D,a to start it and press a to advance


Commissioned by Muttsmutt99, his twitter being here Marcusdadog 🖌🐶🔞 (@Bunfun5) / X (
Coded by Bewa
IDLE AND WALKING Sprites by Micadi, comm'd by Muttsmutt99. If want to comission some sprites i recommend comming him

Edit: NautyeNaut, creator of the hyper futa toriel was the one whom made the NSFW sprites, my apologies 

Cherry was placed onto KFM base since he's the must baseline of characters she only has idle, walking, and nsfw sprites, so please stop asking about her "missing" some sprites. She doesn't have a base herself like say Pikachu has many of them. There may be more sprites in the future and i will keep using KFM as bases for characters that DONT have a base

Micadi's discord server link:

The spriter Micadi’s little mugen commission server, if interested in commissioning him join it and shoot em a dm about whom you want sprited

If anyone remembers, he’s done the braixen topping sprite that’s on my coding commission sheet located here

Notes: has an alt file if you wanna remove the vag internal (not the impreg tho)