Poison futa

Poison futa

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December 1 2022


Aggressor & Rapist

Character info

not mine but someone asked me to upload this 


Orginal Author: TJ
Roxy Edit: Lord M
H-Edit: gettag

When Roxy grabs her opponent, the struggle gauge will appear. The enemy can increase this gauge by mashing buttons and will escape once its full. The gauge decreases during H/groping and decreases faster the lower the enemies HP is.

Down, A+B to start H attack into grope phase (if anim is present)

Grope phase:
X - Grope
Up - H-Phase

Enter: Toggle screen shake
Arrow keys: change position/toggle transparency
A: Speed 2
B: Speed 3
C: Finish
X: Auto
Y: Speed 1
Z: End H


-Added Struggle System
-Added lewd AI
-Revamp Mating Press Sprites
-slight improvement to grope anim
-fixed transparent hat during grope anim
-fixed explods not being deleted properly
-add fertilization mechanics
-add second stage system
- minor touch up to bj and doggy anim
- add generic compatibility

-Initial Release

- Compatibility:

Doggy: Anims 180500-180503, and 2805004 (Generic equiv: 2234-2238)

2nd Stage Doggy - Anims 1805001-1805003, and 2805014

Mating Press: Anims 12249 - 12253

2nd Stage Mating Press: Anims 1180207-1180211

Standing Doggy: (Same as TOBF - 80551-80554)

BJ: (Same as TOBF - 22001 - 22301)

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Special Thanks:

All of my Patrons - wouldn't be possible without them!
And you for playing this edit :)