Sakura Kasugano

Sakura Kasugano

Japanese name:

春日野 さくら

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Post date:

February 27 2022



Character info

Full baomaru compat + BJ

This version of Sakura has compat for brian's threesome move, and features some conditions that allow Kei (The character who appears in Sakura's intro) to be attackable if using brian. To trigger this, ust attack Sakura untill she is stun and knocked down. Kei will run on screen.


Unfortunately this was devised moreso as a "I wonder if I can do this" type of experimental deal as opposed to being a fully realized feature, so it is kind of buggy. This update fixed up some of the more egregious issues with sakura's anim and Kei disappearing during some of her doggy animations. Also, she only has compat for doggy position. 

I'm working on some updates for TOBF  will be integrating the feature into it at some point, which is probably when this will be revisited and explored in better depth.