FutaBT Mai Shiranui

FutaBT Mai Shiranui

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December 27 2021



Character info

This is FutaBT Mai Shiranui, she has 4 moves, Missionary, Doggystyle, Cowgirl, Mating Press. To do these moves press, backward, frontward, med kick or high kick

BT is my new generation of Futas, these Futas includes a completely new code, "Futinahri" which summarized, will allow me to add more features without need to add 10000 lines of codes, also is easier to trooubleshoot, update, and make new futas with it. The code still on beta, but it will be updated in the future, though all bugs were fixed, it still need to be polished, the most difficult part.
Here is the list of new features and changes:


1. Love bar will be more exact now, and will take longer to finish
2. As victim, pressing the escape keys will increase the escape points by 1/26, after 1 minute, it will be 2 points, this change is mostly to balance both sides
3. Now impregnation will happen only once, but also have count probabilities, Futas will have different probabilities Example:
Tifa: 5 Sperms = 1% Felicia: 5 Sperms 5%
Tifa: 4 Sperms = 2.5% Felicia: 4 Sperms 10%
Tifa: 3 Sperms = 5% Felicia: 3 Sperms 20%
Tifa: 2 Sperms = 15% Felicia: 2 Sperms 50%
Tifa: 1 Sperm = 100% Felicia: 1 Sperm 100%
4.Added "Critical" system: Futas has a 15% chance to trigger a "Critical" hit, which does twice the damage and fills twice the bar, including some effects
5.Added "Shove" system: When any enemy gets closer to the scene, the enemy gets shoved so they don't conver the scene
6.Added "No Stack" system: In 2vs2 if there is a scene playing, if the 2nd scene starts too close of the 1st scene, it will be moved so it don't conver the first scene.

More features will be added in the future.