Futa Heart Aino

Futa Heart Aino

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June 30 2021



Aggressor & Rapist

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(The char only works good on Mugen 1.1b, in Mugen 1.0 works glitchy, so be careful)

Hello everyone, I'm TheOofer, and alongside VinnyBoy (Pexeba) we are going to upload lost or hard to find characters here in HCM, Aside of lost chars, I'm going to upload here new edits made by myself! (but it will pass sometime for that to happen). Here we have Futa Heart Aino (With the permission of Handy). Edited By Handy (Code) and Yoisoft (Sprites).

The command Imputs are:

Doggy: a-7.png,a-3.png, c-a.png

Mating Press: a-7.png, a-3.png, c-b.png

Gallery Mode: a-7.png, a-3.png, c-c.png