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December 29 2020

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-----------------------------OG. Stage Credits-----------------------------
"Electro's Stage from World heroes Jet I think?
I mean I've only ever played world heroes 2 on the snes"
and only played Ryoko and Fuuma so i didn't know
it EVEN had a story
so the time travel -ish in jet
is a bit odd to me but ig.
it allows for stages like the jurassic era. (still it's odd)
But it's missing that (H) if you know what I mean?
So I thought.. Why not cross the AESTHETIC of it and Blue Insect's Jungle
for amazoness headhunter vibes? needless to say Electro's no slouch.
so it was already Mugen 1.0 + compatible also, I didn't have to do
any extensive background painting as I did with the brothel
so in order to keep this from teetering into cheap re-upload territory
I animated some of Blue-Insect's stage elements
credits go to both of the original
mugen content makers.