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Welcome to Hentai Char Mugen 3.0

May 09, 2018
Welcome to Hentai Char Mugen 3.0

When we created HCM 3 years ago on Blogger, we wanted to collect, keep Hentai Mugen alive and share everything  what we found on Internet.
Now, with 2 old versions of this page, we have HCM 3.0, the new site with more features to keep this project alive and working for you :)

But, what is HentaiCharMugen.com?

Mugen is a 2D fighting game created by Elecbyte. The game become really popular and the first hentai edits appear on Internet.
Kuromaru, Slime or Nude Mai could be the first Hentai edits on the game.

Some awesome authors created characters as Kuromaru, Slime, Minotaur, special hentai edits using KOF characters, etc.

Unfortunately, sometimes it's difficult to find hentai characters because some websites close their doors or hosting services remove them becuase they use free accounts. That is the reason to keep this site online. To find, keep and share that old characters with everybody.

So, what's new on HentaiCharMugen?

New website

Yes, we created this new site because it was necessary to have more control with the new features we wanted to have. New design, new logo (well, not so new), new colors, new images, new sections.

New search engine

Now you can search your favorite Characters and Stages using our search engine. Find them using the Character&Stage name, the author name, the origin or category, or some keywords.

What about Athena Asamiya from King of Fighters?
Find her using keywords as Athena, Asamiya, KOF, schoolgirl, or her japanese name, game, etc ( 麻宮アテナ,  ザ・キング・オブ・ファイターズ, 女子高生).

More links to download

In the past we only had links from Mega, 4Shared and Mediafire but now we added more (Google Drive, OneDrive and SaberCat). Yes, all them to download and you don't need to wait hours for the next download because they are free.

Need help? Go to the the FAQs

Our FAQs section have more answers to your questions. If you don't know how to add your Character or Stage, read about how to do it.

Comment the Characters or Stages

Now you can add your comments to the Characters and Stages.

Report the Characters if you find a problem

If the Character or Stage has a problem, go the Report page.

Share your favorite Character or Stage on social networks

Share them on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.

Browse the site with your computer or your cellphone

"Future is now, old man"

And the best of all...

Upload your Characters or Stages!

 Did you create a Hentai Character or Hentai Stage? This new feature is for you!

We cannot add all the new Characters, that's imposible. But we want you can upload your own creations.

You have the power. Add your Character information, upload images, upload and share the file on the site!
You can upload your Character file and people can download it. You can see how many download it has.

What can you do with a HCM account?
Fill your author information. If you have an account on Tumblr, Youtube, Facebook, Patreon, Twitter or Instagram, add them to your profile info.

Add your hobbies, your favorites games, your website, etc to your profile.

And of course, upload, edit or delete your Characters or Stages !

However, this new feature is only available for Authors / Creators.
If you created 1 Hentai Character don't worry, you can apply for an account!

Go to http://hentaicharmugen.com/new-user and read what to do.

Try a HCM account. If you don't like, you can tell us to delete it or give us ideas about how to have a better features to other authors.

Registered users can see more options on the FAQs section (user guide).

But, why only authors?

Due to server load, we cannot to allow everybody to register. Our server is not the best for this but we will try to get a new as soon as possible to allow everybody to register, we promise.

Did you find an error while you are using HCM? Send us a message via twitter or email.

That's all. We hope you like the new site.
Please, help us sharing the website with your friends, if you know about someone who create Hentai Characters, tell him about us .

Welcome back to Hentai Char Mugen!