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July 9 2024


Aggressor & Rapist

Character info

Hello everyone, it's me again with a new release. After a huge amount of time I finally finished a new character, I'm very pleased with the work done, I hope you appreciate it too!
What can the new zangief do?
- Zangief has 6 full poses based on the baomaru code
- the character has a stun system (when filling 4 hearts during sex, the victim goes into phase 2 if there is one)
- After victory, Zangief automatically approaches the victim ;3

- zoom when capturing- a new AI was configured especially for Zangief
he will independently fight with the victim and choose moments to capture. So you can try to defeat Zangief by playing as the victim!

Activate the bamora movement "Z"

Forward - doggy style.
Up - mating press
Back - lateral position
Down - New pose
Quickly press Down + enter - Full nelson
Quickly press Forward + enter - New pose 2

With manual control, Zangief can have difficulty moving into new poses,
so stop the movement completely and press the command until he changes position.