FutaRB Yoko

FutaRB Yoko

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December 14 2019



Aggressor & Rapist

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Hi, here is the FutaRB Yoko, she has my new Filiamaru code, which contains a lot of new features than the Feliciamaru code.

1. Struggle System (The victim can press x and y repeadly to escape from the rape)

2. Love bar (Each time the futa penetrates the victim, it increases, while the victim escapes by reducing it)

3. Auto Mode (You can turn on/off automode by pressing "a" (weak punch)

4. Transparency (You can turn on/off transparency by pressing "b" (med punch) (You can also turn on/off transparency when playing as victim agaisn't the AI, but not agaisnt another player)

5. Simple Mode (After Cum at least 3 times, the Simple mode will start, no Love Bar, The Victim will not be able to resist the rape, Auto Mode and Transparency can still be turned on/off

6. 100% Compatible with the AI. The AI  has a chance to pound down the victim after filling up half of the Love Bar. Missionary > Mating Press 
Standing Doggystyle > Doggystyle > ProneBone

Alongside tons of code fixes since the Feliciamaru code

Update 23/11/19

Fixed and issue where Yoko would get stuck after KO if the victim got KO while using Auto Mode
Fixed a visual issue on the Doggystyle,Standing Doggystyle and Pronebone moves (Impregnation pop-up inversed).

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