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August 15 2019



Aggressor & Rapist

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The Murakami Ryona Mob Ver: 2.5α


 Nyo! OK Paying homage to one of my favorite directors Teruaki Murakami (DarkLove, Endless Seranade, Taimanin Asagi, Princess 69) So if you're familiar with these titles then it's safe to say you know what to expect. Still here I see, good good let's continue then nya? This Character is based off of the EPIC hardcore gang-bang scenes that appear in a number of his works (just minus the seizure cam). So beware the busy hands of the massive mob of lustful maniacs, pick your shots, and avoid becoming the main dish. Quick thinking and Quicker footwork are the key survival, not to mention keeping off of your back (srsly these guys don't play). Can you survive the mob or will your Video be added to the Psycho Arena's Losers Circle.


"This is currently version 2.5α I had to remove some content because I couldn't figure out why it kept breaking both the character and victim  so once I get it all sorted out I'll be updating this to version 2.5β."


Move List


Standard Attacks

Backhand - x

Belly Punch - y

Oni Club - z

Oni Upper - c


Special Attacks

·     Low

Honey Tazer - D, a

Death Stinger - D, c (250 Spirit Meter required) add (Poison Lv1)

Blood Drain - B, b (500 power required) (Drains life from P2 to restore health for the Mob)

**You can move back and forth during initial start up of Blood Drain**


·     Medium

Soul Seeker - D, b (500 Spirit Meter required)

Seductive Shocker - a (500 Spirit Meter required) (Increases opponent's pleasure meter)

Belly Dance - D, x (500 Spirit Meter required) (The hypnotic dance of Lamia has random effects)

-Belly Dance effects-

Lethargic Sway - (Sleep Lv1)

Entrancing Sway - (Dizzy Lv1)

Elegant Sway - (Paralysis Lv1)

Lustful Sway - (Raises opponent's pleasure meter)

Invigorating Sway - (Regain Lv2: Slowly raises P2 super meter)


·     High

Bomb Stinger - B, a (Stock of 5 Kunai, resets each round) add (Sleep Lv1)

Web Stinger - D, z (Stock of 12 Kunai, resets each round) + (cocoons opponent draining their power)

Enlightenment of Geb - D, y (500 Spirit Meter) (Repels attacks allowing no one to get passed) (counters with Slowga)



·     Attack Type Type

Shion The Ganguro Belladonna - Party Time Clothesline - [b] F (Assist 1)

Luke - AntiDrive Alpha -  == (Assist 7)  (To be added in β)*


·     Anti- Air Type

Lamia # 69 - Rising Swell - [b] U (Assist 2)


·     Projectile Type

Dr. Cutter - Pin up Girl - [b] B (Assist 3)  (To be added in β)*

Melona - Cream -  == (Assist 5)  (To be added in β)*


·     Grab Type

Musashi - Musashi's Grab Bag - [b] D (Assist 4) (To be added in β)*

Melona - Slap~Happy- == (Assist 6) (To be added in β)*


Special H-Attacks

·     Low

Pie Dash - ~D, D a* /  (� � a*) add (Dizzy Lv1)


5 Star Facial - ~D, D x* /  (� � x*)


Glomp 'n' Slob - ~D, DF, F a* /  (�↘ � a*)


Back Attack - ~D, DF, F x /  (�↘ � x)


Packaged Meat Vol.1 - ~D, DB, B a /  (�↙ � a)


PinkPink Upside-Down Cake - ~D, DB, B x /  (�↙ � x)


Pink Lovin' Pisces - ~F, B a /  (� � a)


Idol M@sher - ~F, B x /  (� � x)


·     Medium

Milk Hunter Vol.1 - ~D, D b* /  (� � b*)


Electric Pleasure Chair - ~D, D y* /  (� � y*)


Finger Play C Minor - ~D, DF, F b* /  (�↘� b*)


Rosey Cheeks - ~D, DF, F y* /  (�↘ � y*)


Equipment Check - ~F, D, DF b /  (��↘b)


RAM JAM / Fighter Gal Club Sandwich - ~D, DB, B y /  (�↙ � y)


Packaged Meat Vol.2 - ~F, B b  /  (� � b)


Rocket Ride Cowgirl - ~B, F b /   (� � b)


Missionary Impossible X - ~B, F y /  (� � y)


Joy Rider - ~F, B y /  (� � y)


Kumo no ai hasami - F, D, DF y /  (��↘ y) add (Dizzy Lv1)


Hot Limit Bomber - ~B, DB, D b* /  (�↙ � b*) (v)

                                      v1) Sexy Beach Bomb - ~D, D b  /  (� � b)      or     v2) SMD DDT - ~D, D y /  (� � y)

                                      v1) Extra Joy - ~B,F b  /  (� � b)                                v2) Extra Joy - ~B,F y /  (� � y)


·     High

Vertical Ravager - ~D, D c  /  (� � c)


Milk Hunter Vol.2 - ~D, D z* /  (� � z*)


Paizuri - ~D, DF, F c /  (�↘� c)


Makeup Crew - ~D, DB, B c / (�↙ � c)


Whip Appeal - ~D, DF, F z* /  (�↘ � z*)


Crazy! - ~B, F c* /  (� � c*)


Oni Hug Love Crescendo - ~B, F z /  (� � z)


Super H-Attacks

·     Low

Spencer's Lesson in Partner Discipline 101 - ~D, DF, F, D, DF, F x /  (�↘ � �↘ �  x)  - (Lv 1 Special)


Group Lovin' A Sharp - ~ D, DF, F, D, DF, F a* /  (�↘ � �↘ � a*)  - (Lv 1 Special) add (Dizzy Lv2)


Group Lovin' B Major - ~D, DB, B, D, DB, B x /  (�↙ � �↙ � x) - (Lv 3 Special)

The Cumming of the New Pharaoh - Rotate 360 a  /  (↻ a) - (Lv3 Special)

F@n Service - After Idol M@sher is preformed on certain characters, must have at least 1 special available. (Lv 1 Special)


·     Medium

Spencer's Lesson in Tough Love - ~ D, DF, F, D, DF, F b /  (�↘ � �↘ �  b) - (Lv 1 Special)


Rocket Blast Cowgirl - ~D, D, D y (���y) - (Lv 1 Special)


Party Like A Rockstar - ~ D, DB, B, D, DB, B b /  (�↙ � �↙ �  b) - (Lv 3 Special)

Supreme Love Hold - Rotate 360 y* /  ↻  y*) - (Lv 3 Special)

Keep on Liftin' Me - ~ D, DF, F, D, DF, F y /  (�↘ � �↘ � y) - (Lv 3 Special)  (To be added in β)*


·     High

Flatliner - ~F, D, DF z - [z] /  (��↘ [z]) - (Lv 1Special)


Sky Dominator - ~F, D, DF c  /  (��↘ c) - (Lv 1Special)


DBB - ~B, D, DB z /  (��↙ z) - (Lv 3 Special)


Center stage with Oboro - ~a. a, b, c - (Lv 3 Special) (Move Not Implimented Yet!!)


Offering to Orochi - ~B, D, DB c /  (��↙ c) - (Lv 3 Special)


Super Sugoi Finishes

·     Low

Kabukicho Nights - ~x, x, y, z ** - (Lv 3 Special)

**can delay by holding down "a"

(requirement: 2000 Spirit Meter, Max Super Meter)


·     Medium

Hot Limit Buster - Rotate 360 b /  ↻  b) - (Lv 3 Special)

(requirement: 2000 Spirit Meter, Max Super Meter)


·     High

Captain's Log - Rotate 360 z /  (↻ z) - (Lv 3 Special)

(requirement: 2000 Spirit Meter, Max Super Meter)




* = Press buttons to increase resistance meter.

(v) = Move can be augmented by certain button presses.

[ ] = Hold button

~ = Key release


Super Sugoi Finisher

The Super Sugoi Finish (SSF) is a Special move that will instantly KO the opponent after a cinematic sequence.


Spirit Meter

The Spirit Meter is required for 2 things, performing the special attacks of the Mob and perform the Super Sugoi Finisher. Once a special moves is used the Spirit meter is drained. If the meter is depleted then you must wait for the meter to refill itself slowly or perform certain moves that will fill it.



Assist characters are broken down into 4 types, Attack type, Anti-air type, Grab type and Projectile type. Once the assist is used it cannot be summoned again until the cooldown period is over (4 sec.)


Known Bugs/Issues

·     I've used actions that require 0,1,2 animation frames some characters onlt have the 0 frame and tend to disappear during certain actions.

·     Sometimes the current win pose animations flip it's an issue I'm working on.



Things You Need

I've included an omake folder with a few goodies for finisher cut scene compatibility.



Move Change: Elegant Sway now adds "Paralysis" Status effect


Move Change: Death Stinger now gives "Poison" Status effect


Added Effect: Invigorating Sway, an entrancing dance that will accidently grant the enemy the power of "Regain".


Added Effect: Geb now counters with Slowga if hit by a projectile, those hit by the spell suffer the effect of "Slow".


New Move added: Pharaoh's Seal - Oboro is bound to this world through Anubis.  If Oboro falls Anubis will sacrifice a bit of her power to revive the Kunoichi so that she may carry out her duty in attaining the energies Anubis seeks. Upon final round death Oboro will be revived, this leaves Anubis drained for the rest of the round leaving Enlightenment of Geb and Cumming of the new Pharaoh unusable for the duration of the round. (To be added in β)*


New Move added: Hot Limit Buster


Future Updates to Include...

Missing Regular Attacks


Missing Special Attacks


Missing H Actions

High = Lamian Mating Dance (v)


Missing H Supers

Low = Passion of Snake and Spider (Super Sugoi Finish)

Medium = Oboro's Infernal Jutsu: Sekasu-tensei

Medium = Keep on Liftin' Me

High = Center Stage with Oboro




Win poses


Cut scenes

Good Ending

Bad Ending

Win Quote


Features to be added

The addition of move specific animation, changing some of the grab move animations to fit certain characters.


*All moves marked (To be added in β) will be added to 2.5β



Other then that I had fun creating this one I hope you enjoy it just as much ... or more >^n_n^<  ~Noodles.


Comments, suggestions, bug reports, death threats hit me up

(Aim = Studio Ramen Cat)

(MS Messenger = [email protected])





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