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Char List
Results: 32
JP. Name: 麻宮アテナ
Author: Choiyer
Kind: Victim
From: The King of Fighters KOF
JP. Name: アティ
Author: act02
Kind: Victim
From: Summon Night
JP. Name: 包 (パオ)
Author: mugenspriteslover & neoseraphim
Kind: Raper
From: Vanguard Princess
JP. Name: バーディー
Author: (^o^)
Kind: Raper
From: Street Fighter
JP. Name: バレッタ
Author: alcnX
Kind: Victim
From: Darkstalkers, Vampire Savior
JP. Name: 豚野郎
Author: Butabako
Kind: Raper
From: Other
JP. Name: シエル
Author: deceptereaver
Kind: Victim
From: Anime
JP. Name: えこ
Author: Mother earth
Kind: Victim
From: Vanguard Princess
JP. Name: フィオナ メイフィールド
Author: Drowin arcana
Kind: Victim
From: Arcana Heart
JP. Name: グリゼラ
Author: Teaf
Kind: Victim
From: FanaTail

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